Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

DSCN2165 copyWhether you own a beach house, or another type of two-story rental property, you do what you can to make renting it more attractive. You ensure the grounds are appealing and safe, and that it’s in a prime location so that potential renters are more likely to choose it. It may seem like a relatively small addition, but rental properties with cargo lifts have a few advantages that help make them more attractive.

Adding a cargo lift to your property doesn’t have to break your bank as a property owner. Unlike an elevator system, the cost is far more feasible. A cargo lift could give you a significant return on your investment.

They provide a touch of additional safety to the property.

You do what you must to keep your rental property safe to avoid liability. Investing in a cargo lift is a good way to go above and beyond in your attempts to keep things safe, and avoid accidents. It helps lessen the risk of staircase-related accidents and, if approved by the lift’s regulations, makes the property more accessible for those who cannot use the stairs, which thus expands your pool of potential renters. Because these lifts can carry a significant amount of weight, items, and sometimes people, can go from one floor to another more easily and safely.

Cargo lifts generally make life easier on renters.

If your property has two stories, that means your renters or guests will have to carry all their luggage and anything else up and down the stairs. Doing so is not uncommon, which is why having a cargo lift would make your property that much more interesting. Not having to take the stairs for everything is a very nice amenity.

Rental properties with cargo lifts offer enough benefits to draw the attention of more potential renters. Make your beach house or other property more attractive to renters and invest in a cargo lift. Contact us at EasyLift.