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About EasyLift™

Going UP?

Owning a beach house used to mean endless stair climbing. But thanks to EasyLift™, your days of carrying heavy objects up and down the stairs are over. EasyLift™ is setting the industry standard for beach house cargo lifts by making sure you can transport goods between floors quickly and safely.

EasyLift™ Closed

EasyLift Closed

You can always rely on EasyLift™

If you want a beach house cargo lift you can depend on, you need to go with the lift that always has a backup plan. That’s why we use:

  • Dual cables rated at 3,200 lbs. each — two is always better than one
  • Grooved cable winders — your cables will never double wrap
  • Dual mast — using two of the heaviest beams in the industry, we eliminate all sway

» Key Safety Features

We take every precaution to make sure you can rely on EasyLift™ to do its job right every single time.

EasyLift™ Open

EasyLift™ Open

Your safety is our priority

Since your well-being is our number one concern, we’ve taken safety to new heights. EasyLift™ is the only beach house lift in the industry that uses CageArrest™ (PATENT PENDING) integrated brake system.

Why is the CageArrest so important? Simply put, it’s your cutting-edge defense against all major accidents. You see, sometimes cables can go bad. They might break, lose tension, or fail at the lift head. In these freak accident situations, CageArrest automatically engages, ensuring that your beach house cargo lift will never fall.

When used on top of our other safety features, CageArrest ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of EasyLift™ with zero safety concerns. Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can give you a lift.

Stop on time, every time

When you’re moving hundreds of pounds of cargo, stopping is harder than you might think. With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected an elite manufacturer to build the EasyLift™ remote controls. That means:

  • The controls are customized to our standards
  • There are no “off the shelf” parts
  • EasyLift controls allow you to make up to three stops
  • Limit switches match the rpm of the lift head for precise stops


Why is stopping so important? Well, if the cargo cage travels beyond your desired stopping point, it can cause potentially dangerous cable tension problems. This problem a non-issue for EasyLift™.

Look, when we said our beach house cargo lift system was safe, we weren’t kidding! On top of everything already mentioned, we’ve included spring-loaded hinges and a self-closing gate latch. Making EasyLift™ the safest cargo lift on the Gulf Coast.

The only cargo lift in the industry with the CageArrest™ break system

Time is of the essence

We know how long it can take to prepare your beach house for an event. So we’ve also made sure that we don’t sacrifice speed along the way. And at 12.5 ft. per minute lift speed and up to 21 ft. of cage travel, EasyLift™ is one of the fastest beach house cargo lifts on the market. So you can prepare for your vacation in a quick and efficient manner.

We’ll customize for you

Does your beach house have special requirements? No problem! We can alter a home lift to fit your specific situation. In fact, EasyLift™s can be manufactured up to 21′. We’ll even move the gates around and add a second one if you want.

Whatever your needs, you can sit back and relax while one of our handpicked teams of skilled, local professionals custom install your EasyLift™. The result? A perfect fit for your beach home.

You need a lift now

Stop hurting your back by carrying heavy loads up the stairs. Call us now at 888.684.6110 and let’s price a cargo lift to meet your needs today!