Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

To most people, cargo lifts appear the same. They look the same and perform many of the same functions. When you choose one, however, it’s important to understand that not all lifts are made equal. Though you could probably arrange to have any lift you pleased installed—if you really wanted it—you want one that is made to suit your needs and has all elements of a trusted piece of equipment.

The primary difference between cargo lift functions is the weight they can bear. Most cargo lifts are designed to lift a maximum of 1000 pounds within a limited space. They can lift this weight up and carry it down several stories. This does not mean that a 1000-pound capable lift is suitable for all buildings. Most residences, for example, don’t require that amount of lifting capability. If this is necessary, you want to be sure that it is part of the specifications.

People also often overlook extra safety details. All lifts come with safety features, but designers are aware of the need for the little extras, such as non-skid floors that keep cargo in place during movement, or should there be an accident. Rubber and other floor linings can also protect the lift from damage the cargo might inflict—scratching, denting if there’s movement, etc.

Strong cables are essential, too. Cables should be strengthened, set in groups to add support for the cage and the items it’s carrying. Having these extra cables means additional security; should one cable snap, another can prevent further damage and allow the lift to safely lower.

When it comes to the construction of your cargo lift, get what you want and what you need. Talk to us at EasyLift about our lifts. We can tell you about their construction and help you choose the right lift for you.