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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

So, you have decided that you want to invest in a cargo lift. It’s a great decision and could go a long way as an investment. Now, you are wondering where you will install it. One of the best ways to go about making this decision is to first speak with a cargo lift professional. Have him or her come out to your location and evaluate the best possible location for the lift. As you survey and make your decision, consider a few things.

Attaching to a deck with a railing may require some extra work.

Obviously, in order for the cargo lift to be unloaded on the second level, its door will have to be opened. That means that there cannot be a railing in the way. You can have a portion of the railing removed. You can also create a door within the railing, allowing the door to open and close without creating a hole in the railing. This will mean hiring someone to help with this, unless you can do it yourself. You’ll need your cargo lift professional’s dimensions and general instructions for the changes in the railing.

Things may move faster if you’re lift is closer to the stairs.

For optimum speed when you’re lifting things, you want them to arrive at the top of the lift swiftly, and where you can most easily reach them. If the lift is installed near the top of the stairs, it’s easy to load, walk up, and then unload, and the reverse. If you know that loading and unloading will occur near a specific section of the building, or in and out of a specific room, then that may be the perfect location for your lift. The optimum location is an added benefit to the already-convenient cargo lift.

If you’re ready to purchase your cargo lift, call us at EasyLift. We’ll help you decide where to install, too.