Beach House Cargo Lifts
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QualityWith any of our products, there is never a concern about quality. We start by only using materials that are impervious to the elements. Every component of the lift is built using 6061 marine grade aluminum. All of the fasteners and hardware are made from stainless steel.

All of our electrical components are bench tested by their respective manufactures prior to being shipped to us. We do the same prior to installation.

None of the components we use or holes drilled are built “free-hand”. Every part built or hole drilled, uses CNC (computer numerical controls) saws, lathes, bores etc. so that each part is an exact duplicate of the previous built. Any part from one lift will always interchange with the matching part on another lift. This insures that a lift installed five years ago can use the same parts built today.

Prior to welding, each component is mounted in a jig designed to hold it in place while being welded. The jigs are checked periodically to insure that each completed component comes out plumb and square. We use the latest welding technology and only employ welders that have certifications in aluminum welding.

Numerous prototypes were built prior to introducing the first EasyLift. It was done over and over until we had it perfect. Even after we had what we thought was the perfect cargo lift, we took it one step further and had a professional engineering firm critique our design in all aspects of, quality, strength, safety and reliability.

This eye to detail has allowed us to obtain stamped engineered plans and a wind load rating of 146 mph in every state that we have installed lifts in. The stamped plans and wind load rating also allow you to obtain windstorm insurance on the cargo lift should you desire.