Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

Not all jobs are big jobs, but sometimes we still need a little help. Even if we don’t really need it, it can’t hurt to have a little extra support for the heaving lifting. That is why the EasyLift MiniLift™ was created.

Easy LiftLike our other cargo and beach house lifts, the MiniLift™ is strong, sturdy, and reliable, and capable of hauling your loads up and down the levels of your house, or business. The difference is, this lift holds less. If you don’t need all the power of a lift that can handle up to 1000 pounds and larger loads, then the MiniLift™ may be for you.

This lift comes standard with a 500-pound capacity. This unit is aluminum, with 34.75 and 34.5 inch sides. That is enough to handle far more than the average things you might want to move. Your luggage, moving boxes, boxes of books, and even some types of furniture can easily fit onto this lift. As long as it is under 500 pounds and fits within the basket, you’re good to go.

The MiniLift™ is meant for those small and heavy jobs—things that you might do on a regular basis. Do your employees move boxes up and down stairs often? Do you own a multi-storied rental property, or a beach house that is high off of the ground? Then, give yourself, your employees, or your renters a little help. Make moving boxes and files, luggage, groceries, and much more easier on everyone. Make getting away from an impending storm with all the necessities faster and safer. Do all of this with the MiniLift™.

Get a cargo lift for your home, your rental property, or your business and lift a multitude of things, be they big or small. We have other models, in addition to the MiniLift™. Call us at EasyLift and ask us about our cargo lifts.