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Winter time is here. It brings its joys along each year, but it also has its problems. The snow and ice, for example, are often pleasant to view. However, when they cover things, they make it more difficult to use them. Your stairs will be more slipper, which is why it helps to have a cargo lift. You should still practice extra cargo lift safety in winter.

Inspect for Ice

Ice can do more than make your cargo lift extra slick. If it gets into the mechanisms, it can make them stick and slow your lift. It may even stop the lift. So, check your lift before you use it. If there is ice, gently remove it as much as you can. Also remove any snow that has piled up on your lift.

Test the Lift

Before loading your heavy objects onto the lift, make sure that the winter weather hasn’t slowed, or stopped the lift from working properly. Test your lift. If your lift has trouble, check for ice. Lubrication may sometimes help, but remember that not all lubricants work well in winter. Check your installation and maintenance guides for information on how to handle slow, or stuck lifts.

Read the Manual

Your lift with come with information for proper use, safety, and what you need to know to keep your cargo lift maintained. Check the manual for information on care during the winter. If you find that you still have questions, you can always ask your manufacturer, provider, or installer for more information on winter cargo lift care. If you need help, you can always call for repairs.

EasyLift cargo lifts are made for use all year long. Call us if you want to install a cargo lift, and remember to always practice cargo lift safety in winter.