Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

If you’re considering a cargo lift, or you’ve bought one, the next step is to install it. If you haven’t yet decided where, you should know that there are not many limits. You have a lot of options for cargo lift installation; it’s more versatile than you might think.

Where You Need to Be

Of course, the first thing to ask yourself is where your items need to be when they’re lifted. At home, do they need to be near the top of the stairs? What about at work, or at a cabin, or a beach house? Wherever you want things to be, that’s the first place to look.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s always possible to place your cargo lift there, precisely—at least, not at first. When you know where you want it to be, you may have to make the space for it. If there is a railing at the top, you’ll have to make changes to that railing to make room for the lift basket’s door. If there is something in the way on the ground, you’ll have to move it. If the ground isn’t level, you may have to make it so.

If there are things like these in the way and it would be too much trouble to change them, then consider placing it elsewhere. You might surprised at how many places are perfect for cargo lift placement. Where is the upstairs door located? You could put the lift near that, rather than the stairs. At the beach house, why would your visitors use the cargo lift most? If it’s to help with luggage, then look for a spot near the best door access. If you think they’d like it best to help them with beach items, look for a place that carries those items down on the beach side of the house.

If you need ideas for cargo lift placement, or you need a cargo lift at all, call EasyLift today.