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Fall is here. It comes with plenty of fun and interesting new weather, but it’s not without its more troublesome elements. The leaves, for example, will fall and collect. In some places, it will rain, and the weather will get steadily colder. All this can make cleaning up and keeping things nice more difficult. Some things will get clogged, and be slippery. It helps to have a cargo lift in the fall, and you should be sure to practice safety when using it this time of the year.

Clean the Leaves

When the leave fall, they gather anywhere they land. They collect, get wet, get stuck in places, and cause all sorts of problems. They can make your lift dirty, and they can affect how well parts operate if they get into the gears. In the fall, it’s important to clear off leaves and other fall debris as well as you can.

Test Regularly

Before you start using your lift, be sure nothing has been affected by weather changes, and that everything is functioning as it should. Test your lift regularly. If there is a problem, check for leaves and water damage. If possible, lubricate parts after cleaning them, and remember which are waterproof. Check your manual and talk to your manufacturer, or seller if you have a slow lift, or a lift that’s stuck.

Check Information

Your cargo lift has a manual for proper safety and use, and it has everything you need to know to maintain your lift. Read this manual for proper care year-round. If you still have questions, call your provider or manufacturer and get help with cargo lift care and safety in the fall, and anytime. If necessary, you can always ask for repairs.

We make our cargo lifts for year-round use at EasyLift. Call us to find out how these machines can serve you through the seasons, and always stay safe when using them.