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Do you find yourself cleaning, or feeling the need to clean in springtime? It is understandable; the idea of spring cleaning is long-standing. It may very well be so ingrained socially that some people feel a strong desire to clean and get re-organized in the spring. There are probably a lot of items you could put on your cleaning list if you created one—so many that you may not think of them all. If you have a beach house lift, or a cargo lift, add it your to spring cleaning list.

Checking and Cleaning Your Lift

Large pieces of mechanical equipment, even those constructed to be outside and survive the elements, need some basic care every now and then. While you may not need to scrub, disinfect, and shine a beach house lift, dirt, sand, leaves, and other things can affect how well mechanics work. Even when you have equipment made to resist rust, for example, it needs a little help defending itself from environmental factors that can damage its ability to withstand the problem.

Start with the moving parts. Examine them for grime buildup, leaves and other items in gears, etc., that may obstruct movement. Clean these out gently. If your manufacturer or installer recommends oiling parts, do that, too. Then, give your lift a good rinse. Use any cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer, but nothing else. A mild, gentle soap might be suitable, for example, as long as it is not too strong, or acidic.

It is best to do these things routinely, in fact—not in spring, only. You are far less likely to experience any sort of issue if you check for problems and perform a gentle cleaning once a month or so. If your cargo lift is on a rental property, your renters are even more important reasons to check the lift routinely.

If you have any questions about how to keep your cargo lift clean and working, talk to EasyLift. We will not only help you choose the best lift, we will tell you how to make it last for many years.