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With the introduction of the EasyLift in 2009, it was the first cargo lift, and continues to be, that comes standard with the safety features of expanded aluminum (mesh) surrounding the cargo cage, to keep everything safely inside the cage and an integrated safety brake, the CageArrest. The CageArrest braking system insures that the cage can never fall should there be a catastrophic cable failure.

When working with aluminum, mass equates to strength and safety. Introduced with the largest beams used in the industry, the EasyLift still uses the largest today. As strength and safety are our mainstays, we followed through with the dimensional material used to build the cargo cage. It uses the largest, thickest and heaviest used in the industry. With our products, you will have no concerns about structural integrity or beam and deck flex.

left-safety-featuresWe use dual stainless cables with breaking strength of 6,400 lbs. each and a working load of 1,280 lbs. each, which is over twice the capacity of the lift. A grooved cable spooler is employed where each wrap of the cable returns to the same spot each and every time and never lets the cable over-wrap itself. Over-wrapping can damage the cable thus weakening it.

As aluminum is an electrical conductor, we are very conscious of the electrical components that we provide. We only purchase motors, controls and limit switches from elite manufacturers that provide products that have been approved by both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Intertek (ETL).

We also offer optional safety features that can be equipped on any of our products. Gate Interlocks can be installed on both the cargo lift cage and the handrail gate. Should any of the Interlocks be in the open position, the lift will not operate until the gate is closed.

A Pan Safety Switch can be attached to the bottom of the cargo lift cage to automatically stop the lift should anything be under it when it is being lowered. The unit will raise, but will not go any further down until the object has been cleared.

Lastly, all of our products come with detailed operating and maintenance instructions. Your local dealer is only a phone call away, should you have concerns about safety.