Beach House Cargo Lifts
Branded Product of Cargo Lift Distributors
Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes


With all of our products, we put as much forward thought into them as we can to keep the operation and maintenance as simple as possible. From the simplicity of our handheld remote controls, with only two options, Up or Down. Or our three story remotes, simply push 1,2 or 3 for the level that you want.

Our limit switches take all the guess work of when the lift needs to stop. Our gates close themselves with our spring loaded hinges and self-latching latches.

Maintenance is as simple as hoping for a rain to wash all of the salt and sand build up off the lift structure. If it doesn’t rain, you might have to do a little scrubbing, but beyond that, there is nothing really to do.

We don’t even bother you with saying the lift needs to be greased periodically, as we use greaseless bearing. Grease and other petroleum based products only attract salt and sand.

We are serious believers in the K.I.S.S theory and practice it with all of our products.