Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

Life is complicated. When we spend money on something, we often want it to make our lives more simple, not more complex. So, it is frustrating when that is not the case. Our cargo lifts are made with this situation in mind. A cargo lift may look like a complex piece of machinery. However, all of the pieces that come together to make it create something that is altogether simple.

Simplify life with a cargo lift.

Form: The cargo lift is sturdy. If you operate it according to instructions and keep it maintained, the lift will last through the years and serve its purpose. You can even choose to install the lift yourself with a D.I.Y Kit.

Function: The lift does two things: it lifts and lowers. Those are its functions. As long as it is properly installed and operated, it does these smoothly and as a result of very simple operations.

Operation: All a lift requires of you for operation is to stop and start the lift. Operating the lift as simple as it can get.

All of our EasyLift products are made with a primary thought in mind: simplicity. We do our best to keep installation, operation, and maintenance easy on you, the owner. The handheld controls have only two options: up or down. You can install our systems for two to three story homes. With limited switches, and easy-open gates and hatches, there is no additional labor to operating our lifts. To keep the lift running well, just rinse it of dirt and debris; it doesn’t even need greasing.

Simplify your life with a cargo lift. Make lifting, lowering, and moving in general less difficult and dangerous. Call us at EasyLift and ask us just how easy it is to acquire, install, and use our cargo lifts.