Beach House Cargo Lifts
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Cargo Lifts for Beach Homes

So, the summer is over and your beach house rentals have declined, or stopped for the time being. Does this mean that your property will sit unused until the next summer?

No, of course not.

First, you never know when potential renters will appear. Plenty of people want to take time away during other seasons. Perhaps a couple wants to spend Thanksgiving alone together at the beach. Or, someone may have an anniversary, or birthday. Perhaps a family wants to have Christmas near the ocean. Though the number of interested parties may decline, that does not mean all possibilities have disappeared.

That is why it is still beneficial to install a beach house lift after summer.

Perhaps you thought about it all summer, but did not have the opportunity to install. As soon as the summer ends and renting slows, take that chance. Use the time between visitations to purchase and have the lift installed. It can happen quickly and you’ll be ready to for the next renters before you know it. You won’t lose any business and you’ll have it for all seasons.

Not only will you have it ready for the next summer beach house rental boom, your fall, winter, and spring renters will benefit, too. In fact, if you have the lift installed during the off season, you may generate some positive reviews and word-of-mouth that will be a profit for you during the next summer. You can start advertising the addition immediately, and when the time comes for summer renters to book their time at your property, they’ll see the new amenity offered and more will consider renting from you.

Fall will be here soon, but don’t let that stop you. Call us at EasyLift and let’s install that beach house life at your rental property now.