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Introducing Easylift™

Take the load off of your shoulders
If you own a beach house, you already know how much of a pain it is to carry things upstairs. Sure one trip’s not so bad, but what about when you have to carry a week’s worth of groceries up to the third floor? And what about when you have to transport something larger like a couch or a grill? 
EasyLift is a cutting edge cargo lift for your home that offers the answer to all your problems. When installed in your home, EasyLift will allow you to:

  • Never have trouble carrying heavy objects to the top floor again
  • Truly be able to enjoy your trip to the beach — no work required!
  • Increase your property’s value and appeal

The benefits are endless. Call us now at 888.684.6110 and let’s discuss how EasyLift can improve your vacation home.

You need a safe lift

Wondering how safe a cargo lift can be? Let’s just say it’s safer than carrying cargo up the stairs on your own. EasyLift is loaded with safety features including:

  • Cargo LiftCageArrest™ (PATENT PENDING) integrated brake system — no falls…ever
  • Aluminum and stainless steel composition — never worry about rust or corrosion
  • 1,000 lb. capacity — more than enough strength to lift your largest objects

And on top of that, this cargo lift is customizable for two and three story homes!

Stay calm during the storm

Storms are a way of life on any coastline. And as a beach house owner, you know you must be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. When you install EasyLift in your home, you ensure a quick and organized evacuation. All you have to do is load up all your important belongings from the top floors and bring them down in a single ride.
When a storm is brewing, you need a cargo lift to help you get everything out fast. With EasyLift, you and your family will be gone long before the storm ever comes in.

Let us help you up

EasyLift is more than a simple convenience. Contact us today at 888.684.6110 to discuss an EasyLift option that’s right for you!

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